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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Pink things make the world go round

Yaaay, I got my pink Razr: Chloe is attached to it already. She has good taste! She is not usually tinged green. I am camera challenged at 3 in the morning...these are the times when I stay up all night in prep for going to night shift for the holiday weekend. After only two nights, though, I am off for 8 days...woot! Looking forward to a nice break. I, as the official cheerleader of the BRC since I haven't been able to row myself, will be going to Princeton to cheer my peeps on as they race against the world. The thrill! The agony! The Guinness beer tent! I did finally start the Weekend Pullover from the Fall 06 IK. I was waiting for a yarn shipment to be sure I had matched dye lots, and since the dye lots matched....nothing to do but cast on. I've gotten through the ribbing and have started the main body. There is already shaping which is throwing me into a tizzy. I'm fairly certain that I have screwed this up already because the Harris Tweed stitches, which are the first and last 30 stitches, don't look like my gauge swatch yet which is in the same stitch. However! I may be wrong about my screwiness (in the context of the sweater at least) as I think the swatch didn't look like anything for a couple of repeats too. Who knows! As [some] of my gentle reader(s) know, I am NOT a perfectionist. In fact I am more of a "looks pretty good to me and who will really be able tell"-ionist. Anywho, here is a close up of both my big head shadow and the so-called "eccentric cable" which as far as I can tell hasn't done anything to deserve such a title. I may change my thoughts on that when I've, you know, completed more than 10 rows of the sweater. Not a snap judger or anything there! AND, there has been progress on the sock: Busy, busy, busy. Must keep self busy! This is helping the recovery period from finding myself, alas, alone again and serves the dual purpose of preventing the spending of rent at Yankee Candle. Dude, that place is addictive with the autumn scents and little scarecrow tart holders. Well, now I think I can let myself go to sleep...the cats are mighty curious about what I'm still doing up. Have a happy, safe Labor Day!


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