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Monday, September 11, 2006

Leaving my brain in New Jersey

As well as leaving my camera in New Jersey. I was at the FISA World Masters Regatta over the weekend cheering on the Baltimore Rowing Club as they did very well against the rest of the world. I was pretty psyched to find a regatta fleece on sale and in my excitement seem to have left my digital camera at the booth....the people running the booth tell me they found it and gave it to the regatta organizers who should be getting in touch with me tomorrow. Here's hoping! I liked that little camera and there are some terrific pics on there. The pics on today's post are from my camera phone, so the color quality is not too great, and in fact neither is the picture quality. But better than nothing, and certainly better than my last camera phone! On the drive up I made quite a bit of progress on the Weekend Pullover: and have now completed the shaping at the bottom. I am about to start the increases at the top and will then shape for armholes. I am really enjoying this knit. I haven't made any sort of progress on any of my socks as I am so into the sweater...and I went ahead and ordered my yarn for the BWAKerry KAL in Quartz, which looks to be a lovely pinky-brown neutral. I had pretty well decided that I didn't want the stress of knitting Christmas gifts for everyone this year but do want to do a couple of mother's gift, my brother's, and probably the Nemo sweater for my nephew if I can find a pattern. That may be it unless I suddenly turn up the speed of my knitting. This must be why the cables are "eccentric": but I just think they're quirky. Brynn and Tootsie are so peaceful on my bed....5 seconds later, Chloe jumped up here and lambasted both of them with her velvet paws of doom. Never a moment's peace around these parts! Lots of catching up to do on bloglines seems the blogging world is picking up from the doldrums of summer. Everyone is making beautiful sweaters and other things... I am still really excited about socks even though I have taken a little break from them. Pure Knits sent me a sweet little package: These pictures hardly do the yarn justice. Left, Yarntini in Pure Fall. Right, Yarn Pirate in Cannon Beach. They are both beautiful and so fine and delicate looking. I almost don't want to knit them up. Underneath is some HandPainted yarn laceweight I relieved a fellow knitter of in a stash busting sale. It was super inexpensive and is truly gorgeous. Why is yarn so pretty???!?!? It just makes me want to buy and buy, even when I don't have specific plans for it. This is not really an acceptable way of do you manage your stash enhancing tendencies? Or do you not? I hope none of you are as sunburned as I am right now...NJ on the water and no sunblock = bright pink Suzanne. 5 years ago, I was living in Boulder, Colorado. I worked in Lakewood, near Denver, so had a 45 minute commute on the best of days. My cable had just been cut off and I couldn't find my rabbit early news for me that day. I was running late as usual and as I drove to Lakewood I listened to KBCO. One of the DJs was going on and on about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center. I remember thinking that I couldn't believe navigation would let a plane down like that. The DJ said "Oh, they're showing it again!" It was pretty quiet for a second and the second DJ said "I think that was another plane." I was getting close to work and kept looking around at the cars around me on Highway 36....surely they were listening too, but everyone seemed to be going about their business. Once I got to work, I ran inside and went to the only place I knew I could make a long distance call, the nursing station of the locked psychiatric ward. All I wanted to do was talk to my mom. It took 20 minutes or so to get through to her. The whole rest of the day was spent glued to the TV, and I don't remember if any of us in administration ate a thing. The newspapers in Colorado put out special editions around noontime Mountain time. I still have them, dusty and yellowed, but I haven't looked at them since that day. When I got home, I threw the contents of the linen and junk closet on the floor and found the rabbit ears....just in time to see President Bush's evening statement. I know that I didn't sleep well that day, and the next day and the day after that....the world was just so different. Tonight I watched the real time coverage of that day on CNN (the videos are still available). The feeling of nausea and disbelief is just as strong today as it was then. Will it ever go away? Should it?


Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

Your weekend sweater is looking grand! The cables are really neat the way they are twisting.

9/12/2006 09:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Kristen said...

I hope you got your camera back. The sweater is coming along beautifully. I love the Quartz color too - looking forward to the photos!

9/15/2006 11:26:00 AM  

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