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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

ahhh, much better

Wowee! That's some bright yarn! Rest assured, this is not the actual color of my sweater. I took these lurvely shots using my brand spanking and apparently psycho camera Razr phone. The beee-right first shot is my progress now, through row 16. This knit is so much fun! I am really enjoying it, I think because of all the different stitch patterns. I've already learned some things about shaping and the importance of Post-It notes. Ahh, Post-It notes. I have to keep track of the actual row I am on as well as the other real row I am on....two of the patterns have an 8 stitch repeat and one has a 26 row repeat. The fourth is simple enuff as it is just right side, wrong side. Yay simple! Anywho, I wrote a highly complex formula out which has been invaluable (once I realized that 8 doesn't actually come after 14. Der!)

This beautiful shot is a little closer to the actual color though my stitch markers are not made of uranium. This is a close up of the Van Dyke lace in the center panel of the sweater. And this is a close up of the so called Eccentric Cable (really...what did the cable do? Why is it eccentric? No need to label!!) and the Lacy Rib. I really dig the Lacy Rib. So Kristin is an enaaaabler. I have signed up for the Kerry KAL. I am awaiting my color card and pattern from Black Water Abbey to make a color choice and will then order the yarn. It appears that this is a pretty good pattern for a new Aran/sweater knitter.

No sock progress. Also, no love life progress but I have found that it isn't so bad to watch a baseball game and not call someone to gloat about the score. When hockey season starts I will be able to harass my friend about the Washington Capitals suckitude (sorry, Caps fans out there) whenever they play the Flyers and the Flyers kick their heinies. Flyers rule! I am going to the Caps opener against the Carolina Hurricanes, which is where my all time favorite player Rod Brind'Amour runs the ship. I will be wearing my vintage Flyers Brind'Amour sweater despite A's assurances that this will cause me to be killed by a bolt of lightning in the Phone Booth's parking lot.

And can I say how bummed I am about Steve Irwin? I really liked watching him and his family rassle crocs.


Anonymous Kristen said...

So far so good! If you can knit the Weekend sweater you can certainly take on the Kerry. For keeping track of multi-cable patterns I do whatever it takes too- often using both the post-its/cross row off the list/ and two or more row counters simultaneously.

9/05/2006 07:49:00 AM  
Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

Your pullover looks great! I love the extra sticky stick-it notes. I sure thought they where stupid when they came out, (isn't the whole point of a stick-it is that its just a bit sticky?) I don't think I could live with out them now! They come in handy for lace knitting too

9/07/2006 10:03:00 PM  

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