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Saturday, August 12, 2006

mmmm, cashmere

Doesn't this kill you? What sweet packaging. This came to me from Pure Knits and there are many things that I love about it.
  • tied up with a pretty brown bow (have I told you how much I love pink and brown together?)
  • Sample of Fable Handknit, my new obsession and quite possibly softer than Brynn's tummy (shock! awe!)
  • lurvely little handwritten note from Yahaira
  • and......
ooooohhhhhhhh 100% cashmere yarn. on SALE. I have been thinking hard about making myself a actual grown up sweater. This will be my first really big project...I've done baby sweaters, so have an idea about construction but that's about it. I like this maybe-maybenot Jaeger that I got from an auction on eBay and decided to use it. I also really like the pattern for Weekend Pullover from Fall 2006 IK. However, it is made from the mysterious Reynolds Revue, either non existent (it's all in their heads!) or not available yet (somehow I lean towards that). Also, I need to use some of my crazy stash. So! Experiments! Math! Rulers! GAUGE SWATCH! Reynolds Revue gets 11 Faeger or Jaeger or whatever gets 13. So I decided to go down a needle size from a 5 to a 4 and just swatch the Harris tweed stitch and hope to get 4 inches from 24 stitches. Cast on 30 so I could have a little 2 stitch garter border and have my multiple of 4 (24) plus 2 (26). Did three repeats and two more rows of knit stitch then cast off. I have 4 inches! Sweet! At least, it seemed like 24 stitches and 4 inches. It was a little hard to count with the Harris tweed stitch. Why can't every gauge swatch be in stocking stitch??? Didn't EZ say every designer should knit a little stocking stitch gauge after the project is complete using the same needles and yarn? Anyway, I washed the swatch and it is reposing on a towel in the cat's bathroom right now. Will re-measure in the AM when head is clear. Bored yet? When in doubt, take a nap. Naps can fix ENNYthing. Have a great weekend! The weather is killer right now. YF has his guard weekend and then starts his two weeks annual training at Andrews AFB. I'm really glad it isn't so hot and muggy right now, and hope it stays that way for him (and for all of you)!


Anonymous Kristen said...

Lovely cashmere. What will you make with it? I've never (yet) knit with cashmere. That is certainly a luxury $$$ website!
I love the Weekend Pullover. Maybe I shouldn't admit it but I fudge a lot on gauge swatches. I figure if I'm off a stitch or two it's close enough - knits are flexible. Good luck with the grown up sweater!

8/13/2006 09:02:00 AM  

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