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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Macro Mode, part Deux...(read the other one first)

Still working on the practice Featherweight Fanstasy. Got through one of the four main repeats and I really like this pattern. I haven't cast on for the mohair one because I need needles for it...I swatched with my plastic/bakelite needles last week and the brushed mohair is really almost a bulky weight. So I need size 13 or 15's and I don't have them. I may end up with Addi circulars because, despite the blunt tip, they are speedy. Susan Bates cords are so stiff, and I'm afraid the Bryspun needles won't feel substantial enough for this yarn....I know I could use bamboo, but I think it will stick a lot to the mohair. Look what came today!! I got both of these for truly ridiculous prices on eBay. The Jaeger is not speaking to me yet about what it wants to become...any suggestions?? Wonder what's in Rowan that I want to might have something to do with the Kid Silk crack Haze that's coming next week...... Bookends...Chloe's fuzzy face. Brynn isn't ready for her close up yet, Mr. DeMille. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Kristen said...

Your cats are gorgeous!

7/06/2006 08:39:00 PM  

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