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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wierd Science

Crisis over, I restarted (due to massive error when I was a beginner and excessively tight gauge) the featherweight fantasy shawl that I started two or three years ago with mystery yarn won on eBay. The yarn was advertised as "I think it's silk" but when I got it and started knitting with it I was certain it was acrylic as it had that....feel about it. Then, last night, as I tinked and frogged 5 or 6 times total due to....massive error, I noticed the yarn was....felting? Or at least developing a nice halo from all of the friction. Thinking that it wasn't behaving like acrylic, I decided to use the Harlot's advice from her most recent book "Knitting Rules" on how to tell what your fiber (or if I was Harlot, fibre) is. Observe: This is a bowl of bleach with dissolving yarn, a little ball of felt, and some dry crumbly ash. Thus.....wool! Thanks, Stephanie! This makes the shawl a little easier going, knowing that it won't melt into a sticky mess. Reknitting the set up rows eighty million times, surprisingly, has not made me want to stop and throw the shawl off the balconey. Sock progress....about to start decreasing the toe. Whee! Must remember to start the second sock immediately despite imminent arrival of bee-yoo-ti-ful sock yarn from lotusblossom on Ebay. Twinkletoes!!!!! Posted by Picasa


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