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Friday, June 09, 2006

What to do when faced with a (minor) crisis

1. Plan next million projects. This entails reviewing every blooming knitting magazine and book in my possession and listing all of the projects I want to do. It turns out there are a lot of socks I want to make that involve solid colored sock yarn. Mine is all variegated. This means only one thing to me: I need more sock yarn. Also finally decide on a pattern for Meditation lavender scented yarn to make up a lightweight scarf for Mom by Monday. Feel only mildly worried about completing said scarf by Monday. 2. Work on sock. Not much to report but I am pleased with how these are turning out. I do like the way these stripe and look with the pattern. 3. Graft the toe of the &^*$@# cottage sock. Note that it looks nothing like it should. Weave in ends anyway. Realize that NO ONE has mismatched feet like these and thus will not want to wear them. Reclaim all five of my ludicrously sized 9.0 mm Brittany DPNs which will, let's be honest, probably never be used again. 4. Despite presence of matching feet, try the socks on anyway. Feel overcome by sudden urge to don hockey skates and body check someone into next week. 5. Recognize snuggly warmth of ridiculous socks and stuff them in sock drawer for next winter. Anticipate much mocking. Check out that fab heel!! 6. Make pita pizzas and pour a glass of VivaSangria from Boordy. Decide between Bridget Jones and Captain Jack Aubrey. Sorry, Bridget..."Lucky" Jack wins tonight.


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