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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ahhh, Stash Enhancement

Twinkletoes! From lotusblossom on eBay...such pretty, pretty yarn. This is Rose Garden 2 and Peach Pie. I am now trying to decide patterns for them. This was a delightful and speedy transaction...I highly recommend! From what I can tell of reviews, the yarn knits up well too. Unfortunately, I located All About Yarn today. For this, I blame Eunny since I read her blog yesterday. I read her archives, where she talked about her beautiful shawls, and I may have fallen down onto some Merino Oro and a couple of patterns. However, these will be Christmas gifts, so it isn't all bad, right? I have delusions no doubt that I will actually accomplish my Christmas knitting this year. Since I am thinking about it in June, this only reinforces my convictions. Also, if you're counting, and I am, that makes 5 yarn stores within 30 minutes and 1 at Yankee Fan's. Ack! I have to keep remembering that Stitches East is coming in November and I should be saving my yarn budget for THAT rather know, beautiful-gorgeous-can't-wait-to-cast-on cobweb yarn. Progress report...some of you were kind enough to remind me of second sock syndrome. I started Mom's second sock three days ago, and am well into the patterns. I may have almost matched the stripes. Yay! The practice Featherweight Fantasy stole is going well, and I made a little progress on the Lorna's Laces socks while at the doctor's office the other day getting bad news about my foot and its lack of healing. It has been raining non stop for two days...hopefully we will have some sun soon. Back to work bright and early Monday morning! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Kristen said...

Nice haul. Rose Garden, Peach Pie...sometimes the names alone are enough to make me buy the yarn!

6/27/2006 07:02:00 AM  

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