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Friday, May 26, 2006

WIP to FO, yay!

Here is the finished Headhugger Cable hat. Looks pretty good on Gump, yes? It was fun to do, of course the decreases to finish it were tiresome. I have found that the needles I was using (Addi bamboo) don't have a very sharp tip which is good for my finger tips but make it a little hard to knit 2 together. Another view. The decreases did seem to end up a little blunt. But on it looks great. The color looks like it will be good for a guy....I plan on giving this one to a fellow rower who needs a wool cap for rowing in cold weather. These are the choices for my next project...socks. The only socks I have made have been made with very bulky yarn (cottage socks). Since they were done on big needles, it wasn't too bad. However, when I did the short row heel I didn't know anything about I just knit and turned, knit and turned. I look forward to doing it right next time. These are the yarns I need to pick from: left to right, Jawoll Jacquard superwash in pinks, black, gray, and white; Brown Sugar Wildfoote in Brown Sugar; Koigu PPPM in a very pretty brown/amber/green/blue colorway; Regia Mini Ringel in lovely greens and blues; and two different options of Lion Brand Magic Stripes, one in regatta which should stripe and one in sea blue which is one of the fair isle patterning ones. I'm tempted to use the Magic Stripes since it is inexpensive and if I mess up on the tiny needles I won't be so upset. Which should I use? Need some advice!


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